Finest Quality Rare Old Pawn, Collectible Native American Jewelry: Stunning Estate Rings, Necklaces, Cuffs, Earrings, Rare Turquoise and Gemstone Jewelry


Welcome to Cherokee Blue Trading Post!

My name is Leigh, and I’m the owner / founder of CBTP. You might call me the sassy little vintage jewelry connoisseur  who puts the Cherokee into the trading post. I’ve been collecting fine vintage jewelry, antiques and collectibles for more than 30 years.

My great grandmother on my mom’s side was a full blood Cherokee Indian. I also have Cherokee & Shawnee ancestry on my father’s side, with eight of my family surnames appearing on the Dawes rolls. My Cherokee ancestors all hailed from the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of the ancient Appalachian mountain range, the oldest mountain range on earth, from western Virginia and western North Carolina. I’m an eligible “Daughter of the American Revolution” on my father’s side, [ which means I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War on the American colonists’ side ]. The lovely little town of Murphy North Carolina, located in the heart of Cherokee County, is named after one of my own full blood maternal Cherokee ancestors, my great great grandmother on my mom’s side. I presently reside on the Oregon Coast, but I travel a great deal in my never-ending quest for collectible and rare Native American old pawn and estate jewelry.


Presently my entire collection is offline for security reasons.  To get a good idea of what I collect and the kinds of pieces I usually have in inventory you can browse this link:

I am presently rebuilding a larger internet presence as an upgraded online store and will post the new store site sometime soon.  I do continue to sell certain pieces to individual collectors on a private one-on-one basis.  Email me and describe what you want, send a photo of an example to make my life easier lol, and if I have it, or something close, I’ll send you photos, a description, sizes dimensions and my best price.  You’ll pay via Paypal and all sales are final. Item[s] ship the same day. USA sales only!  Site guests and would-be customers can reach me anytime by sending an email to


2016 has been a hectic, but exciting year for the vintage jewelry trade. Online sales of fine estate vintage and new sterling silver jewelry are up 38% globally over last year. My trade focuses on rare and hard to find pieces, genuine turquoise from North American mines located in the American southwest, and fine estate Native American made rings, designer cuffs, bracelets and necklaces. I also run across rare items like well made hallmarked squash blossom necklaces, old powwow and reservation made ‘primitive’ jewelry, Fred Harvey era pieces, and other unique Native American made antiques and collectibles from time to time.

Currently I am not selling jewelry online, and my pieces can only be seen locally in a discreet brick and mortar location on the Oregon Coast. Contact me on email for more information on where you can see my top collector jewelry items.

Site guests and customers can reach me anytime by sending an email to


In the ever-fluid world of jewelry design and vintage jewelry, authenticity is now prized by collectors more than ever before. I trade ONLY in genuine old pawn, fine estate and antique jewelry. I’ve been known to drive hundreds of miles just to inspect, view and acquire rare hard-to-find pieces. My collection includes several rare Zuni, Navajo and Hopi pieces, and I also design my own hand beaded gemstone necklaces when I have time. I love genuine and rare turquoise and I own some of the nicest early period ultra rare “Number Eight” turquoise cabochons ever mined in the USA.






Recent Testimonials:

“Leigh, Thanks so much. My pendant arrived today and I love it. Great packing job. It was a pleasure doing business with you. – Karen”

“Hi Leigh,
Just wanted you to know that the package arrived, and the slag bowl is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so very much for your excellent packaging! My Mother-in-law is going to absolutely to love it! Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend!   ~ Michelle”

“Leigh, Your reputation does not do justice to you. You are a rare
person. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Linda and I have always
helped and shared our experience with fellow tradespeople. It does not happen that often.  It has always been rewarded by the same in kind.
It is a small crazed world we live in, and your generosity is a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope for human kind.

 — Howard from Laguna Woods, California”

Thank you so much for your time and sharing of your expertise. I’m very happy to hear that they are of the quality that my dad always thought they were. I know he was very very fond of the pieces. I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon as I would really love to actually wear the bracelet. I won’t have much need for the belt buckle but I will keep them together as a set as you suggest. Thank you again for your time I greatly appreciate it.   –  Vicki H.”


Fine 1960s Wampum shell cuff

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