CBTP Owner to Post Entire Vintage Jewelry Inventory Online for Sale in Late 2017

Hi everyone, My life is in transition. I see by looking at your comments and feedback there is some real interest in my jewelry inventory. I’ll be posting my entire vintage and Native American jewelry collection for sale online through this website in the late fall/winter of 2017/2018. Watch for postings to go up, piece by piece, in November of 2017.

I’m keeping this all very plain and simple: I post the price, you remit payment in US dollars via Paypal and I ship you the piece. USA sales ONLY. Freight/shipping will be included in the sale price. Prices will be non-negotiable. They will be deep-discounted. There will be no returns and all sales are final. If you want to see these pieces as they go up, subscribe to this blog. Thanks and God be with everyone, always. – Leigh


About Screenshot

Internet news junkie, bustling online #VintageBling merchant, sporadic yet passionate news blogger, blunt essayist, nature photographer, truth seeker, avid backyard gardener, blues harmonica virtuoso [and a grrl at that], thoughtful Cherokee shaman, Jesus follower. Newly arrived at neither Left nor Right, but thriving high above Center: variously amused, inspired or impervious to it all. Go figure. Seek me and ye shall find me. I'm always around. :-) I'm on Twitter @CherokeeBluetp.
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4 Responses to CBTP Owner to Post Entire Vintage Jewelry Inventory Online for Sale in Late 2017

  1. Andrea says:

    and so, no international shipping!?!? 😦


    • Screenshot says:

      Only for very $$$ purchases. I’m not tinkering with shipping a small item overseas anymore. However, I just sent a very nice ring to Amsterdam. What are you interested in? It has to be at least a $200 usd purchase. Otherwise, I won’t mess with it. People open parcels in customs and literally steal the jewelry out of the bag, then reseal it and send it on. I am NOT kidding. I had a gorgeous wedding set stolen by a customs guy one year when I shipped to the UK. Rotten crooked world now causing me to be ULTRA careful about shipping overseas. I will NOT ship to the UK. So…. where are you and what do you want to buy? Break out your wallet and we’ll talk. Email me at pelican97444@yahoo.com – Leigh


  2. Bob says:

    Leigh: Just got first item to be posted but hHow do I get a password? Very sorry I didnt get up to Oregon on our trip around the US.


    • Screenshot says:

      Bob I’ve been buried in spam since I posted my email address. I had to take it down and get an entirely new [ totally private ] email address. But you can send photos for possible appraisal to “pelican97444@yahoo.com” – I will be discontinuing free appraisals soon and a written appraisal will cost $20 per item, beginning in November of 2017. Have fun on your travels! – Leigh


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