Native American Photo Gallery

Jared Reyes of the Fort Bragg North Carolina Cherokee tribe dances during the 11th Annual Indian Festival and Pow-Wow at Stone Mountain Park on Nov 6, 2010. warrior Pow-wow Dancer performs at a gathering in Quebec Canada

Ute Indians arrayed in their full regalia pow-wow dance attire. Early 1900s.

Native American Pow-Wow dancers gather at sunset to dance.

Joseph Two Bulls, Dakota Sioux, by Heyn & Matzen Photo, 1900


“White Belly” of the Sioux Indian Tribe, early 1900s

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  1. Tamela j parks says:

    Hey Leigh, I’m thinking of you a lot, wandering if you would like to communicate by email, let me know, love Tam.😊


    • Screenshot says:

      Hi Tammy! Yes, I would very much like to chat via email. I got one item via email from your email address
      but I wasn’t sure if it was from you or not. It had Nathan’s name on the email.

      I think of you and pray for you EVERY night and would love to correspond. We’re both writers… we could
      have alot of fun! Get in touch with me at I miss your hilarity and wonderful
      humor. We all need a good laugh now and then – it’s so healing! Write me honey!!!

      Love, Leigh


    • Screenshot says:

      Sent you a reply and sent it direct to your email also – check your email. 🙂 yeah, let’s chat! – Leigh


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