Wanna Do Some Indian Style Trading? Contact Leigh at CBTP


Do you have a special treasure you would like to sell?

I occasionally buy or trade for rare artifacts, jewelry, or other Native made items, directly, at a fair wholesale price. If you would like to send me photos of your item, send to pelican97444@yahoo.com, subject line: “product photos for Leigh” – I’ll get back to you in a day or two.

Expect to get a fair casual old pawn merchant’s appraisal and an honest wholesale price offered for your item. If you want to retail it directly to the public, there are thousands of places to do that online, firstly either Etsy or Rubylane. I am sorry but I do not recommend Ebay for any type of selling at all. Many have asked me, but I do not retail or sell artifacts or other rare items for others, sorry.

Affordable Written Appraisals for Old Pawn and Collector Native Made Jewelry

Contact me for a written appraisal of your own Native American made old pawn and estate fine jewelry at pelican97444@yahoo.com. After November 1st 2017 all jewelry appraisals will cost a minimum of at least $20 usd per item, with special rare and hard to determine items running $35 an hour with a 1 hour minimum. Remit $20 per item for your requested appraisals to Paypal, via pelican97444@yahoo.com. All regular appraisals must be prepaid, no exceptions. I’ll provide a quote on more difficult items, which need extra research.

If I cannot locate solid research on your item, I won’t charge you for any research at all. I want to be as fair as possible in appraising special items. In a world gone mad with dishonesty, I will make it my mission to be fair. People deserve that. Let the world be as rotten as it wants to. I won’t be rotten along with it. Stay blessed and keep looking for those treasures in the trash pile, my friends. They ARE out there! – Leigh


3 Responses to Wanna Do Some Indian Style Trading? Contact Leigh at CBTP

  1. Kim Lucht says:


    I saw on your page that you offer free verbal appraisals. I am interested in purchasing the following peice and I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on it? Would you be abel to give me comments on the following piece? I have included the link to ETSY’s seller’s page below.
    I love this piece and the seller said she aquired it from an older women who had a beutiful well cared for collection. She says it’s native amercian made and I wanted a second person to look at this for me.



    • Screenshot says:

      Kim I looked at that listing link and it says “sold out” …. which means she had more than one of the same piece. I just don’t know about that. I saw many of her other pieces looked absolutely authentic. But …. when Native jewelers design pieces “en masse” that is an unusual thing. They are usually each unique and one of a kind. So, not having seen the actual piece you bought, I cannot comment on this query yet. Maybe we can return to it later. – Leigh


  2. Screenshot says:

    Follow up… Kim I was just wondering whatever happened RE the piece you had been curious about. Did you ever find what you wanted? – Leigh


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